The “Tree-in-a-Box” initiative was started as a way of helping with the grief of losing a pet, as you are able to see your pet “grow into a tree”. While your pet will not physically be a tree, our process turns animal remains into nutritious compost which acts as the perfect growth medium for the seeds of your chosen tree. This gives you the opportunity to reach closure and keep the memory of your beloved pet alive. Just like your pet, these seeds, that will later grow into trees, need love and attention to grow and flourish. You will be able to see the circle-of-life continue through this pet remembrance tree, giving an entirely “new life” to the animal you have laid to rest.
tree in a box pet remembrance tree

Pet owners can choose between Black Monkey-Thorn, Bladder-nut or Wild Olive. The seeds and compost are given to you in bio-degradable and compostable packaging. Each tree type that we selected for this initiative, can be pruned into a beautiful small Bonsai tree, a smaller tree that is kept outside to grow into a small-yard friendly family tree or can be left to grow into a big 3m+ tree. The choice is yours.

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