Please note we are located in Cape Town, South Africa and currently only offer services to the greater Cape Town area. If you reside outside of this area you can still make use of our burial services, BUT you will need to bring the remains to our premises, we don't provide transport for other areas.

earth pet burials

Eco-friendly, dignified farewells

We offer a dignified, environmentally friendly process of laying your beloved pet to rest.

Eco Pet burials Cape Winelands

Dignified Farewells

Losing a pet is a heart-breaking experience and a very difficult time for pet owners. We hope that knowing your pet’s remains will be treated in a respectful manner by trained and professional staff will provide some comfort. Your pet will become part of the circle of life and be given back to nature in the most considerate way possible.

We assist with pet burials for all pets and animals including cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, reptiles, horses and cattle.

Eco Pet burials Cape Winelands

Eco-friendly Pet Burials

Our environmentally friendly facilities initiate a composting process that would happen naturally during a burial. However, our method speeds up the process, reduces odours, kills harmful bacteria, avoids the leaching of harmful contaminants and does not attract unwanted rodents and insects.

Thanks to scientific research, we can substantiate that our natural pet burials are the most eco-friendly way of dealing with animal remains, returning them back to nature while nourishing the earth.

EarthPet Vet services

EarthPet Vet offers the service of euthanasia of animals only.

Our consultation room is designed to be a tranquil space and we endeavour to offer owners peace of mind that their pets are treated respectfully and laid to rest in a dignified manner.

Ambulance Service: Old sick and injured animals can be collected and brought to our premises at an additional cost. This can either be done directly through EarthPet where a rate of R11,67/km (round-trip) will be charged or through an external contractor who works in conjunction with EarthPet. In the case of a horse - EarthPet can also collect old, sick or injured horses with our specially designed horse-box that allows us to offer this service. A rate of R15,77/km (round-trip) will be charged.

You can contact us for a quote and appointment or if you have any queries regarding the service. Email us at or phone us on 022 065 0299.

Home Euthanasia

Sometimes we are honoured to be part of our pet's life for many years, but with that honour comes the sad and heart-breaking reality that the day to say goodbye is creeping closer. 
You know your beloved pet doesn't have the quality of life that they used to and suffers to go about their daily routine - tasks that they used to do in a heartbeat now seem daunting - but it's unbearable to think about the alternative!
We understand.
We are here to help make this painful process somewhat easier for you. When you're ready, we'll take care of everything. We'll make sure that your beloved companion is euthanized and laid to rest in a dignified and eco-friendly manner ~ it's what they deserve.

EarthPet Vet

SAVC registration number: D95/3712
Practice registration number: CV22/16353



The Pet Farewell Plan is for pet owners who would like the comfort of knowing their pet will be laid to rest in a dignified and eco-friendly manner when their time comes. By dealing with the admin now and paying today's rates you can avoid hassle when you want to grieve. Pay a once-off fee to cover your pet for its lifetime, plans start from as little as R65.00. T's and C's Apply.

WhatsApp Care Line

Has your pet passed away and are you in the Western Cape area? Message us for immediate assistance:

tree in a box pet remembrance tree


The “Tree-in-a-Box” initiative was started as a way of helping with the grief of losing a pet, as you are able to see your pet “grow into a tree”.

earth pet burials


Look out for our EarthPet vehicles on the road. Whenever you see this logo and this colour, you'll know it's our EarthPet team, providing a service with care.



Honour the memory of your pet by growing a remembrance tree. You can take it home or sponsor it. We include options for ROC potting soil, delivery and planting. Trees are immediately available or you can grow a specific species with us until they are are ready for their 100L or 250L plant out bags.

Service Area

We are located in Cape Town,
South Africa and currently service the area of the Western Cape.

Please contact us if you are in another area but would like to make special arrangements to make use of our service.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ”

Anatole France

Eco Pet burials Cape Winelands