Pet Farewell Plan

No time on Earth is long enough to share with the animals we love or prepare our hearts to say goodbye. Unfortunately, the sad and heart-breaking reality of being a pet owner is that one day we will have to say farewell to our cherished companions.

At EarthPet we understand the loss of one’s pet and how difficult such a time can be. Pet owners often have to make some hard choices during this time and choosing how to lay one’s pet to rest should not be one of them.

EarthPet is here to help. We now offer a Pet Farewell Plan for pet owners who would like the comfort of knowing their pet will be laid to rest in a dignified and eco-friendly manner when their time comes.

Pay a once-off fee to cover your pet for its lifetime, plans start from as little as R65.00 depending on the weight of your pet. Yes, settle this now and avoid dealing with admin hassle during such a sad time of a pet passing.

T’s & C’s apply.


Farewell Options:


Includes a Tree-in-a-Box

Return of Compost

The compost of your pet is returned to you. Please note that due to the nature of our process this can take up to 5 months.

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How it works:

  • Choose a farewell option for your pet.
  • Fill in your relevant details and an EarthPet representative will contact you with a quote. Quotes are based on the average size & weight your pet will reach in adulthood, the method of farewell and any additional transport / collection fees. Please note the Pet Farewell Plan is only available within the Western Cape.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, T’s & C’s and payment of the applicable fee you will be sent a certificate.
  • This is a once-off fee. Once you have paid, the farewell plan is active for your pet and barring the additional transport/collection fee should you move further away, you will not be expected to pay any additional fees.*
  • The Pet Farewell Plan covers your pet for the duration of its lifetime. When your pet’s time comes simply phone EarthPet to collect or bring your pet to our premises and we will take of the rest.*

*T’s & C’s apply.

Terms and Conditions

Pets need to be microchipped as this serves as their identification. If your pet is not microchipped please make an appointment with your veterinarian and inform EarthPet of the microchip number within 5 working days after signing up for the farewell plan.

We will quote you on: the average size & age your pet will reach during its lifetime, the indicated method of farewell plus any additional transport/collection fees.

Optional add on: Transport/collection fee. We will come and collect your pet from the given address, this cost will be included in the initial fee. Alternatively, the pet can be brought to our premises.

Payment Plan for Horses: Due to horses being large animals we offer the option for the once-off fee to be paid over 6 months in equally monthly  instalments. Should your horse pass away during those 6 months, the outstanding amount will need to be settled before EarthPet will lay your pet to rest.

This plan is currently only available for residents of the Western Cape. We understand that people move and change addresses, and should you move further away from EarthPet’s premises in the Western Cape you will be liable to pay the additional transport/collection fee at that current rate before collection of your pet will be made. No refunds will be made should you move closer to our premises.

This is a lifetime farewell plan for your pet. Should your pet leave your care and become someone else’s cherished companion, the farewell plan goes with them. It cannot be transferred between pets. If a transport/collection fee was added to the original plan, the same T's & C’s apply for if the pet moves further away from EarthPet’s premises however the new pet owner will then be liable for the additional cost before collection. Please note this must still be within the Western Cape.

Cancellation: We will refund the initial fee that was quoted to you on the day the plan was taken out if you cancel the plan or inform us that you or your pet are moving out of the Western Cape or country.

Annual price increases will not affect you. Once you have paid, the farewell plan is active for your pet and barring the additional transport/collection fee should you move further away, you will not be expected to pay any additional fees.

Upon the passing of your pet, EarthPet will confirm your pet’s identity with our microchip reader and we will lay your pet to rest as indicated.

It is your responsibility to ensure your information is correct. EarthPet takes no responsibility for incorrect / outdated information and no refunds will be issued if you / your pet move out of country/Western Cape without informing us.