Our Services

Mobile Service & Bio-Burial

We will collect the remains of your animal from your home and carefully transport them to the EarthPet facility.

Bio-Burial Only

You bring the remains of your animal to our facility.
We will receive them respectfully and facilitate the bio-burial on our premises in Klapmuts, Paarl.


EarthPet Vet services - Mobile Vet Cape Town

EarthPet Vet offers the service of euthanasia of animals only.

Our consultation room is designed to be a tranquil space and we endeavour to offer owners peace of mind that their pets are treated respectfully and laid to rest in a dignified manner.

Mobile Vet Service - Ambulance Service Available:

Old sick and injured animals can be collected and brought to our premises at an additional cost with our ambulance, a mobile vet service in Cape Town. This can either be done directly through EarthPet where a rate of R11,67/km (round-trip) will be charged or through an external contractor who works in conjunction with EarthPet. In the case of a horse - EarthPet can also collect old, sick or injured horses with our specially designed horse-box that allows us to offer this service. A rate of R15,77/km (round-trip) will be charged.

You can contact us for a quote and appointment or if you have any queries regarding the service. Email us at admin@earthpet.co.za or phone us on 022 065 0299.

Home Euthanasia

Sometimes we are honoured to be part of our pet's life for many years, but with that honour comes the sad and heart-breaking reality that the day to say goodbye is creeping closer.
You know your beloved pet doesn't have the quality of life that they used to and suffers to go about their daily routine - tasks that they used to do in a heartbeat now seem daunting - but it's unbearable to think about the alternative!
We understand.
Mobile Vet Cape Town - Here to Help.

We are here to help make this painful process somewhat easier for you. When you're ready, we'll take care of everything. We'll make sure that your beloved companion is euthanized and laid to rest in a dignified and eco-friendly manner ~ it's what they deserve.

EarthPet Vet

SAVC registration number: D95/3712
Practice registration number: CV22/16353



Rates are based on the size of the animal for the bio-burial. The rates below only apply to our facility at our head office in Klapmuts. Also note that the rates apply to our standard operating hours, after hours support will incur a surcharge which will be quoted on a per case basis.
Please enquire regarding other animals not represented on the list.

If you choose to have your pet's remains collected at your home, a round-trip transport cost of R11,67/km will be added to the fee below.

Bio-Burial Pricing

All Animals (from hamsters to horses)

0 - 1 R76
1 - 3 R114
3 - 5 R152
5 - 10 R190
10 - 20 R342
20 - 30 R456
30 - 40 R570
40 - 50 R797
50 - 75 R987
75 - 100 R1177
100 - 150 R1519
150 - 200 R2279
200 - 300 R3037
300 - 400 R3796
400 - 500 R4556
500 - 650 R5315
650 - 800 R6075
800+ R7593

Return of Compost (ROC)

Similar to our return of ashes option from cremation, we now offer a return of compost option to pet owners who would like the compost their pet’s remains contributed to. The remains will be labelled and wrapped in a mesh covering which allows EarthPet to trace the compost at the end of our process. The remains are then placed into our bio-chamber on a bed of wood-shavings and will undergo the natural composting process. After the process has been completed, we will retrieve the compost that your pet specifically contributed to and return all of it to you, mixed and packaged in 3-layer brown paper bags. This compost can then be mixed with soil and used in whichever way you feel will honour your pet’s memory. EarthPet will provide the seeds of Bladder-nut, Black Monkey-Thorn or Wild Olive trees to pet owners upon request.

Please note – due to the nature of our process the return of your pet’s compost will take anywhere from 5 months to a year. This is due to the fluctuating volumes in our bio-chambers as well as the length of time allowed for the decomposition process to take place.

All Animals (from hamsters to horses)

Return of Compost (ROC) Pricing

0 - 1 R114
1 - 3 R170
3 - 5 R228
5 - 10 R284
10 - 20 R512
20 - 30 R684
30 - 40 R854
40 - 50 R1196
50 - 75 R1481
75 - 100 R1765
100 - 150 R2279
150 - 200 R3417
200 - 300 R4556
300 - 400 R5695
400 - 500 R6834
500 - 650 R7973
650 - 800 R9112
800+ R11390

Cremation Services

We do receive some requests for cremations as some pet owners prefer to take their pets ashes home with them. EarthPet does offer the cremation option for those clients who wish to receive a return of ashes. Please note that to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, there will be no mass cremations available. 

Cremation and Return of Ashes Pricing

0 - 1 R525
1 - 3 R642
3 - 5 R758
5 - 10 R933
10 - 20 R1166
20 - 30 R1516
30 - 40 R1750
40 - 50 R1866
50 - 60 R2100
60 - 70 R2449
70 - 80 R2683
80 - 90 R2799
90 - 100 R3033

Rememberance Trees by Investree

“We saw firsthand the positive effects of using the resulting humus in the EarthPet memorial garden, a place of calm to the grieving owner. We watched plants and trees thrive and it became clear to us that looking after trees was not only a wonderful way to give back to the environment but also a precious way to honour the memory of our pets in the form of trees”.

Let their precious memories live on for years through our Investree initiative. In addition we have started the A.W.A.R.E Foundation NPC in order to give back to Welfare organisations looking after rescue pets.

For every tree sold and sponsored a portion go directly to Annie’s Animal Welfare and Rescue Enrichment Foundation NPC. Buying a tree, not only benefits the environment but assists animals in need directly.

Please note:

We are not currently VAT registered and our prices are as listed.

Our growing methods concentrates on stem stability, diameter and tree shape. Trees are ready for the 100L bag around 2,5 to 4 years and the 250L bag around 4 tot 5 years. We focus on quality, and nourish and maintain our trees well.

These trees are subject to availability. A list of available species for the young trees can be requested upon ordering. When doing live orders, you will see a selection list. 

Growing trees are located at our growing farm in Malmesbury or in our memorial garden at Klapmuts. They are clearly marked. Due to practicalities and cost we cannot ensure your tree to be located at a certain spot. Trees can however be visited on special request.

For more information on Investree, please visit https://investree.co.za

For more information about Annie’s AWARE Foundation, please visit https://awarefoundation.co.za

Remembrance Trees Pricing

Product Option
Return Of Compost
Reference our ROC service for pricing Return of compost of your pet to nourish your tree.
Investree ROC
Potting soil service fee
Price of ROC PLUS R300 Your ROC is mixed into the potting soil of any of the tree options listed below. Tree prices are also listed below. Please note that you do not need the potting soil service if you sponsor a tree, as your pet's compost will not be used unless you specifically request it.
Ready 100L Young Remembrance Tree
R2495 Buy or sponsor a well-kept young tree in memory of your pet. Comes in an 100L plant-out bag. Can easily be collected with a “bakkie”. Available immediately.
Grow 100L Young Remembrance Tree
R2495 We will grow a tree in memory of your pet. You can take it home or sponsor it once it is ready and planted in a 100L bag. Can easily be collected with a “bakkie”.
Ready 250L Remembrance Tree
R4995 Buy or sponsor a well-kept tree in a 250L bag which you can sponsor for city beautification and tree plant initiatives OR collect to take home. Please note these trees are typically very big and planted in a heavy 250L plant out bag and you need the equipment for collection and transportation or you need to use our tree delivery service below. Available immediately.
Grow 250L Remembrance Tree
R4995 We will grow a tree in memory of your pet which you can sponsor for city beautification and tree plant initiatives OR collect to take home. Please note these trees are typically very big and planted in a heavy 250L plant out bag and you need the equipment for collection and transportation or you need to use our tree delivery service below.
Delivery & planting services
Cost on request We can deliver your tree to your home and/or plant it for you at an additional cost. Costs are subject to the size of the tree, distance traveled etc. Quotes on request.

Horse Owners - Heart Strings Jewellery

We are collaborating with Heart Strings and the talented Gaby Millner. Heart Strings crafts beautiful jewellery using your horse’s hair. Allowing you to always carry a piece of your horse with you wherever you go. Each piece is handcrafted and there are multiple designs that owners can choose from and customise.

EarthPet will (on request) clip and deliver some of your horse’s hair to Heart Strings if owners would like to make use of this option. We do charge a handling fee for collection of the horsehair and delivery to Heart Strings. All designs and further jewellery related queries will be handled by Heart Strings.

For direct queries and jewellery designs visit https://www.heartstringssa.com/  or contact Gaby Millner directly at gaby.millner@gmail.com / 072 613 6320