The Science Behind the Process

This page offers basic information for those who are interested in the more scientific details of our process for green disposal of animal remains. It is not essential for customers to read this section at all, especially if you are sensitive and do not wish to know the particulars of how it works. You can rest assured that your pet's remains are being treated with the utmost respect and by people who have much love and compassion for animals.

The science is clear that normal burial of animal remains contaminates the earth and ground water to a certain extent as harmful substances leach into the ground. Landfill sites also emit harmful carbon and methane gases into the atmosphere. A safe and clean process is not only the most dignified, but also the most environmentally considerate way to send your pet back to the earth and embrace the cycle of life.

We utilize a capture and containment method to deal with organic waste matter, which we refer to as a bio-chamber.

We offer a bio-chamber capture and containment method which offers a clean and simple solution for converting various types of organic matter into nutrient-rich compost. The method being used minimises odour, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and safely processes materials which would otherwise have ended up in landfills. In addition, the process kills harmful bacteria.

Our special blend of compost microbes are added to the bio-chamber, as well as carbon that we provide, together with the animal remains. The aeration system kick-starts the composting process. The organic matter decomposes effectively, while smells and leaching of liquids are safely contained in the Bio-Chamber: The processed or partially processed organic material can be used to create soil conditioners or compost.

How our Bio-Chamber works

In order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we refurbish used shipping containers.

Air is circulated through the container by means of a side channel blower while a carbon and biological filter cleans the air. An additional specially designed air filter further eliminates impurities and particles. The airtight chamber helps to contains smells.

Other features include a WiFi thermometer and dosing tank with unique bacteria culture. The key to our system is a balance between air, temperature control and our unique bio culture.

Our containers are standing in a row and are fixed to a designed sealed cement structure to prevent any possible soil contamination.

Advantages of the technology

When compared with normal landfills and decomposition processes, a bio-chamber has the following advantages:

  • captures odours
  • reduces volume
  • eliminates attraction of rodents and insects
  • lowers carbon emissions
  • reduces risk of contamination