Respectful & Green

EarthPet was established out of the need for an environmentally conscious option for pet burials. Our company utilises leading scientific research together with the practical experience of veterinary professionals. We have complete understanding and compassion for owners who lose a pet and know the limited options available for dealing with the remains of the animals in South Africa. Instead we offer a humane, respectful and natural solution for laying the body to rest.

environmentally friendly pet burial
pet burials eco friendly

Bio-Burial: Enviromentally Friendly Pet Burial

The EarthPet burial process involves placing the body of the animal into a composting chamber on a bed of wood shavings and adding natural components which speed up the composting process even more. The procedure is natural and leaves nothing but nutrient-rich compost at the end of the cycle. No harm is done to the environment whatsoever because your pets remains will have been diverted from landfill and the remains of your beloved horse, dog or other pet will be treated with the utmost respect.

The alternatives

There are not many options for dealing with an animal body after death. We believe our process is one of the most respectful ways of saying goodbye to your pet and also the “greenest” option in terms of the environment. To compare our environmentally friendly pet burial with the other available options, here is a short summary:

Landfill burial

Unfortunately there are no pet cemeteries in South Africa and to privately bury a pet at home is not safe or really allowed. The only option given is to have your pet taken to a designated landfill area. The public may not visit this area. Also, the leaching of harmful bacteria and chemicals into the ground, as well as harmful carbon and methane gas emissions into the atmosphere, make this an environmentally harmful option.


Cremation is a standard option, however there are environmental concerns, as this process requires a lot of fuel and results in unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

Composting graves

Although not so widely known there are options of composting graves. There is still leaching of harmful bacteria and chemicals into the ground during the process because it is difficult to contain in its entirety.