Bio-Burial is suitable for all animals

Losing a pet is a heart-breaking experience and a very difficult time for pet owners. At EarthPet, we offer an eco-friendly burial option, ensuring your pet’s remains are treated with respect by our trained and professional staff. Your pet will become part of the circle of life and be given back to nature in the most considerate way possible. While most pet owners assume that this service is suitable for dogs and cats, it is actually suitable for all types of animals.

How does Bio-Burial work?

Our environmentally friendly facilities initiate a composting process that would naturally occur during a burial. The EarthPet process involves placing the animal’s body into a composting chamber on a bed of wood chips, adding natural components to expedite composting. This method is entirely natural, resulting in nutrient-rich compost at the end of the cycle. It reduces odours, eliminates harmful bacteria, prevents the leaching of contaminants, and does not attract unwanted rodents and insects. By diverting your pet’s remains from landfills, we ensure no harm is done to the environment. Thanks to scientific research, we can confirm that our natural pet burials are the most eco-friendly way of dealing with animal remains, returning them to nature while nourishing the earth.

green disposal of animal remains

Which animals can receive a Bio-Burial?

Because the process can work for any animal remains that can be placed into our large containers, it is suitable for all pets and animals including cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, reptiles, horses and cattle. So any animal, from your tiny lovebird to your faithful big horse, can be laid to rest with our eco-friendly method and get the farewell they deserve.

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