Transforming a Negative into a Positive

At Earthpet, our foremost goal is to provide every pet with a dignified farewell, ensuring we honour their memory. However, we also aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible, and care deeply about all animals, nature and sustainability.

Our Bio-Burial service also aims to divert animal remains away from landfill sites. Dumping animals on landfills is not only disgraceful but also poses a significant environmental hazard due to the risk of chemical leaching and the spread of infectious diseases.

One significant advantage of our Bio-Burial composting process is that the only byproduct is a nutrient-rich humus. It brings us immense satisfaction to utilise this compost to cultivate vegetables, trees, and various plants at our nursery.

We strive to be environmentally conscious where we can and have incorporated solar energy to power the majority of our operations and office, effectively minimising our carbon footprint.

We divert used restaurant cooking oil from landfills by processing it into bio-fuel, powering our backup generator, irrigation engine, and our customised vehicles and tractors to reduce our reliance on petrol and diesel.

We’re eager to collaborate with service providers who share our passion for sustainability, specifically in diverting waste from landfills and other efforts to contribute to the environment.


One of our objectives is to provide essential care for all rescue pets through nature-focused initiatives, AWARE campaigns, and partnerships. Your participation or spreading the word makes a valuable contribution.


Our activities include:

  • Offering a Pet Farewell (Funeral) Policy for Pets
  • Preventing Landfill Dumping with our Green Bio-Burial Process
  • Offering a Collection and Return of Compost Service
  • Converting Animal Remains into Organic Compost through our Bio-Burial Process
  • Assisting with Euthanasia and Microchipping (EarthPet Vet)

Our EarthPet activities tie in with Investree and the AWARE Foundation perfectly to complete our mission.


  • Using Organic Compost from EarthPet to Nourish Plants
  • Providing Wholesale & Sales of Young Trees
  • Sponsoring Trees for City Beautification & Public Benefit
  • Offering Packaged Seed, Nursery and other Products
  • Donations to the AWARE Foundation NPC

The Investree garden is full of thriving trees, vegetables and other plants, all grown from nutritious EarthPet compost. A dedicated arborist takes care of the beautiful memorial garden.

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  • Facilitating Donations for Animal Welfare
  • Supporting Animal Welfare Organisations
  • Supporting Quality of Life for Animals
  • Offering EarthPet (Bio-Burial) to Deceased Animals at Welfare Rates

Learn more about the AWARE Foundation